Before you’re thinking about managing your Google Ads by yourself or outsourcing it to a White Label PPC Agency or a Google Ads Partner, here are a few questions to ask to yourselves.

What is a White Label PPC?

White label can be defined as “when a product or service is manufactured and produced by one company but it is rebranded by another company. Dexbil manages direct clients by our professional Google Ads account and we’re also the PPC Managers for many white label PPC agencies.

10 Reasons to Outsource your PPC Campaigns to an Agency

  • Google Ads Certified Experts

The work is done by the experts & you need not feel insecure about the result. These experts know the target audience, their likes and dislikes and more factors which will help your campaign to be a successful one.

  • Be Wise & Spend Less with High ROI

When you hire a White Label PPC for the work, you just have to pay for services, sit back and enjoy the results. What happens if you don’t hire one? If you manage Google Ads by yourself, you will try and wait for the results, this cycle repeats itself and the results come in, but they are slightly average. By the time you realise this, you have already spent a decent amount of budget on Google Ads. So be wise in reducing unnecessary expenses when you can pay only for the services.

  • Time Management

The time taken to see live results is less compared to the job done by an in-house. You will get effective results in a shorter period. Also, your business needs your contribution, you can utilise that time on your business.

  • Less Risk Involved

When the work is in the hands of a White Label PPC Company, there are very few changes in risking the connection between you and your client. The third party involvement is never transparent when it comes to showing results. All the credit goes to you and only you. It is a little secret work between the company and you.

  • Better Results & High Conversion Rate

With the hands of a White Label Agency involved you will be able to get better leads, convert more revenue. This will also reach your brand name to better heights. This will also save a lot of money building an in-house team.

  • Exclusive at work

Choose a White Label PPC company that is ready to work for you and not for your competitor company. There are a very few companies who are able to crack that. It is better to choose such agencies. Google Ads Partners verifies the performance of an agency and you can choose to work with a Google Ads Partner Agency.

  • Flexible to your work

A White Label Management can be flexible according to the services you need. Some might need the complete work to be done and some would require only a few services. So the services can be tailored according to your needs.

  • Dedicated Managers Support

Every work done in a White Label PPC is taken responsibly by dedicated managers who look through the job and then proceed. Everyone under the dedicated manager is answerable to him/her. So there will be no chances for voids to appear on your way.

  • Reporting and Analysis

Any PPC Campaign has a considerable amount of data which can help the business owners to take a better decision at work and it also helps to understand the reason behind, if something is working, why is it working? Or if something is not working why is it not?

A PPC Agency prepares the reports and makes the numbers look easy. this information comes in handy to help you better manage your business.

  • Return on Investment

Running a PPC campaign can help bring traffic to your site, resulting in sales and higher revenue. Many businesses also find that PPC ads help build brand recognition and grow their online reputation. Additionally, many companies use PPC ads as part of an overall digital marketing strategy, which is easier to manage with an agency’s assistance.

When you hire a PPC agency, you bring in the experts. Even with the added costs, you will see a higher ROI than if you were to do the campaign yourself.

Why Choose Dexbil As Your PPC Managers?

PPC experts at Dexbil have daily and weekly tasks for the accounts and account optimization. Their daily and weekly tasks include positive and negative keyword harvesting, placement and bidding optimization, creation of new campaigns, and an overall check of the account, including weekly/monthly reports. Every single one of these tasks ensures our specialists take care of your account at every moment. 

Our PPC agency is always one step ahead, thanks to using our knowledge and experience to predict upcoming changes and adjust optimization accordingly. 

By continually expanding and improving the level of expertise at Sellers Alley, we have more confidence in each other, motivating us to take the same approach with each account and seller. 

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