That’s a million-dollar question, and the answer to it is easy. Particularly, to sell your products, you need a marketing strategy, while this might sound tough and technical however in simpler words, the selling price of your products should include some costs for marketing and admin expenses. You need to come up with a plan on how much to spend on marketing to generate new sales, leads and customers.

How to get new customers and increase sales for your business?

The Success Story of Raymond

As an example, we will consider the case of a customer who worked with us when we started back in 2019.

The customer had a towing business. He used to get 2-3 jobs a day through referrals and word of mouth for which he used to charge an average of roughly $200. 2-3 jobs were not enough to make him profitable enough. He considered getting a website for his business and he had no clue if the website will generate any business for him. Eventually, he only needed the website to look professional.

He found us on Google and reached out to us to get a new website for his business. We created a website for him and our team at Dexbil helped him with some consultation on creating a marketing strategy to increase his sales.

The next thing our team did was to suggest him Google Ads. This customer had previously used Google Ads, which was not profitable for him. He still chose our recommendation and agreed to invest in Google Ads. We agreed on a daily budget of $40 and our team assured him that $40 will generate new business for him daily.

Emphatically, to date, he never turned around. 90% of his leads are generated by Google Ads. His daily budget is about ~$150. He generates about 20 calls and out of these at least 75% of the calls are revenue-generating jobs.

Moral of the Story

Evidently, the moral of the story is simple. Bring your business online and use search engines and social media platforms to generate new leads and customers for your business. You can follow the checklist below to move step by step.

The Checklist

  Get a website/online store for your products

– Remember the website should be decent and professional, if you try it by yourself, all praises to your hard work. Undoubtedly, the fact is that people judge your products/services basis your website. You can’t have an average website. Moreover, your website needs to be charming enough to hold your customers.

 Decide where to sell online

There are multiple online channels available and all of them generate leads however, you need to find the best ad platform for your product/services. As in the example above, a towing business can’t generate a lot of leads from Instagram, because it’s a service which the customers would search on Google or Bing.

 Decide a Marketing/Advertising Budget

This is one of the most crucial steps, you expect instant results and you should get instant results, but the truth is, that even if you plan to spend a million dollars on ads budget in a single day it would only create losses. Therefore, at least create a consistent budget plan for a quarter. If that isn’t possible, you can do it monthly. Consequently, whatever your monthly budget is, use it on ad platforms with the daily budget accordingly, and if things go well, you will cross your break even in the very first month.

 Managing the Ad Platforms

Finally, one ad copy, one keyword, and one ad group will never bring value or glory. Initially, set up your first campaign, and avoid making changes for the first 7-10 days however make notes of the observation from your ads daily. Try to implement the observations to define accurate targeting, generate new ad copies, eliminate negative search terms and keywords etc.


Especially, if you’re starting a new business, you don’t need to do everything by yourself, all you need is the right team to help you with the online marketing of your products/services and you will be set up for victory in the longer run.